Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

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    Feb 21, 2023

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    Toca Boca

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    Feb 20, 2023

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    Toca Boca



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Simulation management Puzzle Education children single player

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Toca Life: Hospital! Developed by Toca Boca, this interactive mobile game allows you to step into the shoes of medical professionals and explore the thrilling environment of a vibrant hospital. From treating patients to managing the daily operations, Toca Life: Hospital offers a unique and educational experience for players of all ages. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with compassion, discovery, and endless opportunities for imaginative play!

Toca Life: Hospital features a diverse cast of characters who bring the hospital to life with their unique personalities and stories. As you navigate through the game, you'll encounter a range of patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Here are a few notable characters you'll meet along the way:

Dr. Turner: Meet Dr. Turner, a compassionate and skilled physician who oversees the hospital's operations. Dr. Turner is always ready to provide guidance and support as you navigate the various tasks and challenges within the hospital.

Nurse Lisa: Nurse Lisa is an enthusiastic and caring member of the medical team. She assists Dr. Turner and ensures the patients' well-being throughout their hospital stay. Collaborate with Nurse Lisa to provide excellent care and comfort to those in need.

Patients: Toca Life: Hospital introduces a variety of patients with different ailments and needs. From children with broken bones to adults recovering from surgeries, each patient has their own unique story. Attend to their medical needs, offer comfort, and bring smiles to their faces during their hospital stay.


Toca Life: Hospital provides an extensive array of props and medical equipment that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the hospital setting. Here are a few examples of the props you'll find in the game:

Medical Tools: Explore a wide range of medical tools and equipment such as stethoscopes, syringes, thermometers, and bandages. Use these tools to diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, and ensure the well-being of your patients. Pay attention to each tool's purpose and utilize them appropriately to provide the best care possible.

Hospital Rooms: The game features various rooms within the hospital, each serving a different purpose. From emergency rooms and operating theaters to patient rooms and maternity wards, you'll have the opportunity to experience different aspects of hospital life. Interact with the props and equipment specific to each room to fulfill the needs of your patients.

Medical Supplies: Toca Life: Hospital offers a wide range of medical supplies that are essential in providing quality care. From medications and IV bags to gauze pads and surgical masks, ensure you have an ample supply of these resources to address the diverse needs of your patients.

How to Play:

Playing Toca Life: Hospital allows you to take on the roles of healthcare professionals and immerse yourself in the intricacies of hospital life. Here's a breakdown of how to navigate the game:

Exploring the Hospital: Begin by exploring the different areas of the hospital. Move between rooms, interact with objects, and discover the various props available. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the hospital and the functions of each room.

Patient Care: Attend to the needs of your patients by interacting with them and assessing their conditions. Use the available medical tools and equipment to diagnose illnesses and injuries accurately. Treat patients with care and empathy, ensuring their comfort and recovery.

Collaborating with the Medical Team: Work alongside Dr. Turner and Nurse Lisa to provide comprehensive care to your patients. Communicate with the medical team, discuss treatment plans, and collaborate on providing the best possible care.

Managing Hospital Operations: Toca Life: Hospital allows you to manage the day-to-day operations of the hospital.